2018 Residential Team Retreat (VIDEO)

February 14, 2018 by Kelly Daacon

The Civil Residential teams from San Antonio and Austin gathered at the historic Commodore Perry Estate to get to know each other a little better and to set some goals for 2018. Check out the video below:

Ricky De Camps, P.E. on the goals and the setting for the retreat: “We talked about goals for 2018 and how we achieve the goals that are dictated in our business plan. We’re at the beautiful Perry Estate which is one of our projects. We got to enjoy the grounds and really and actually have our retreat at one of our projects that we will be redeveloping which we’re very excited about.”

Amir Namakforoosh, P.E. on the importance of bringing together team members from different geographic offices: “We’re here today to really get to know each other really set some goals. It’s a combination of both the Austin and San Antonio offices. We’re separated by maybe a hundred miles or so and it’s good for us to all to come together and meet each other face to face. It’s just a good time to talk about financial goals, talk about goals moving forward on plans, and to just get to know each other.”

Bailey Harrington, P.E. on the growth plans for the team: “One of the things we really talked about is how we’re going to grow our team this year, and how we’re actively looking to recruit engineers and designers and leaders to join our team in the next year or two. Please look at our careers page to apply, and we looking forward to meeting you!”

Written by Kelly Daacon

Kelly Daacon

Kelly Daacon, P.E. is the Marketing Director for BIG RED DOG, responsible for marketing, branding, design, content, and digital media initiatives for the firm. Kelly graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Texas. In his spare time, he enjoys running at Lady Bird Lake and hanging with his crazy dog Shiner. Kelly and his wife live in east Austin.