BIG RED DOG Mixed Reality Visualization

July 25, 2017 by Walker Santiago

Everyone has heard of virtual reality or augmented reality but have you ever heard of mixed reality visualization? Mixed reality is an overlay of synthetic content on the real world that is anchored to and interacts with the real world. At BIG RED DOG, we are always looking to push the limits of imagination and technology to provide our clients with the best product experience.

CLIENT PROJECT: We were very fortunate that our client Lynd was forward thinking and interested in having us create a mixed reality experience. BIG RED DOG’s initial task was to develop multiple 360-degree panoramic views at specific elevations that we would gather with our drones. This would give them the data they needed to figure out which buildings had views to the Lake. What was missing was some way of showing the other proposed buildings that would potentially block some if the views.

OUR SOLUTION: In order to solve this problem, we developed a 3D model which allowed us to accurately visualize the proposed buildings to scale prior to development. Our interactive user interface combined 360 degree angles for different buildings at proposed floor elevations, incorporated CGI buildings at geo-referenced locations that matched the drone imagery, added a site map to quickly select a building location, a drop down menu to select floors and the corners in different buildings, a google aerial map showing line of sight from the specific corner you select. It is a very fun interactive tool that really impressed the client. This also provided Lynd with realistic data they could use internally for rent studies and presentations to investors.

In this image, you can see how the building map of the site allows for overall site reference and quick building selection.
In this image of the user interface you are experiencing the site from the customer’s point of view. The person living on this floor and building will see the lake and other buildings from this vantage point.

YOUR TURN: use the link below and play around with the mixed reality tool we put together for our client Lynd.

Lynd’s 3D Model by BIG RED DOG

The uses for drone technology will continue to grow across many markets. BIG RED DOG will be there to provide these innovative solutions to our clients. If you want to find out more about any drone solutions BIG RED DOG can offer you, please contact us.

Written by Walker Santiago

Walker Santiago

Walker Santiago is a Senior Project Designer at BIG RED DOG Engineering | Consulting and is a shareholder in the company. Walker graduated from ITT Technical Institute of Austin with a Associate of Science degree in CADD. He leverages his formal education with his hands-on experience crafting custom Civil3D programming to ensure he provides clients with strategic, quality construction plans. Walker enjoys sharing knowledge with the community and friends by being active online with several CADD and 3D visualization groups. When he isn’t fine-tuning his techniques or getting up to speed on the industry’s latest, he enjoys time with his friends and family in the Austin/San Antonio Area.