What is the East Riverside Corridor (ERC) Zoning District?

April 27, 2015 by Thomas Lombardi Jr, P.E.

The East Riverside Corridor is a zoning designation, within the city’s full-purpose jurisdiction, which adds another level of regulation and is regulated by a document of the same name.

The map below shows the boundary for the ERC. The purpose of the ERC regulating plan is to control and shape the growth of one of Austin’s hottest markets, E. Riverside Drive.  The ERC Master Plan presents a long-term vision for the area to redevelop the existing low-density, auto-oriented commercial uses into an urban mixed-use neighborhood that is more pedestrian and bicycle friendly.



Within the ERC, there are five sub-districts.

erc 2

Applicability of standards of the ERC will be determined by the ERC subdistrict of the subject property and the adjacent roadway types.

The ERC Roadway types:

  • Core Transit Corridor
  • Pedestrian Priority Collector
  • Urban Roadway
  • Highways


Within the ERC Zoning District, there are four “Hubs” or areas where the city of Austin is encouraging the most intensive development, see map below. Properties within a hub boundary are eligible for development bonuses in exchange for a specified community benefit, i.e. affordable housing, open space, improved bicycling facilities, commercial or office spaces, and improved flood and water quality controls.


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Written by Thomas Lombardi Jr, P.E.

Thomas Lombardi Jr, P.E.

Thomas Lombardi, Jr is a Site Development Team Leader for our Commercial Services market sector in Austin. Thomas joined the BIG RED DOG team in April, 2014. Thomas graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Civil Engineering and is a registered P.E. in the State of Texas. He brings extensive knowledge in fluid mechanics, stormwater management, hydrology, hydraulics, grading, site plans and permitting. He has completed projects in Austin, Leander, Gonzales, Kyle, San Marcos, Cuero and Kenedy Texas.