Derek Brown

After working with the BIG RED DOG team on numerous projects over the years, including several current deals, I can comfortably say that they have set the standard in terms of an engineering consultant. I am pleased to recommend BIG RED DOG, without reservation, to prospective clients.

Delta Properties

Chad Clark

BIG RED DOG has always been our first phone call to help with due diligence and entitlements.  They are exceptionally responsive and collaborative, allowing me to move more efficiently on my projects.  I can’t imagine doing a project without BIG RED DOG in our corner.

Champion Site Prep, Inc

Josh Weber

I really appreciate the availability and quality of BRD documents. Specifically, the contours are always elevated, the pdf files are always vectors, and the line types/weights are easily distinguishable. I know it might take you more time to make things look “pretty”, but I can’t thank you enough, as it really helps us on our estimates.

Haddon and Cowan Architects Collaborative

Michael Cowan

Our approach to design has always been collaborative and we are always looking for engineers who are design-oriented and will do more than just adapt the site to a given building plan. We’ve found in working with BIG RED DOG that they have been very forward-thinking and they eagerly get involved early in the project programming process. This allows us to focus on what we do best, and makes BRD an integral part of our design team.

Standard Pacific Homes

Kevin Forader

In a world of consultants who accept little responsibility and enjoy spending their client’s money, it is refreshing to work with a group that does what they say, does it on time, and treats our project as their own.

Catamount Constructors, Inc

Scott Reynolds

The BIG RED DOG team is is energetic, flexible in their designs, and responsive.  They have been ON TIME with the delivery of plans every time that we have worked with them.  Their market knowledge, well-drawn plans, and responsiveness make them easy to work with.  We’ve been contracting with them for 3 years and they’re refreshing to work with.


David S. Kulkarni

Guefen Development Company had the pleasure of working with BIG RED DOG Engineering and Consulting on the Haven at Lakes at 610 project in Houston, TX. Throughout the entire project the BIG RED DOG team was proactive in identifying potential issues and prompt responding to challenges. BIG RED DOG thinks outside the box with innovative design remedies. The team’s ability to coordinate effectively with the City of Houston and several other co-consultants, proved to be instrumental for the success of our project. For these reasons, Guefen Development Company highly recommends BIG RED DOG for any of your multifamily project needs.

Dick Clark and Associates Architecture

Dick Clark

I appreciate their team-first approach and that I deal with the same qualified person every time. When I work with BIG RED DOG, I always get an owner of the company leading my project. They tell me what the potential issues are up front and help the project with innovative problem solving to get the most out of it. This allows decisions to be made and issues to be resolved immediately.

In N Out Burger Restaurants

Mark Noack

I wanted to thank you and all of your team members in the Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio offices for all of the engineering services and permitting assistance that you have given us over the last three years as we have developed our first 26 stores in Texas. We look forward to working with all of your offices as we continue to build additional restaurants in our Texas markets. We truly consider your team a partner in the development of our brand in Texas.

First Hartford Corporation

Katie Viniconis

BIG RED DOG has been a wonderful firm to work with. First Hartford is a Real Estate Development and Management Company and we have worked with many engineering companies. BIG RED DOG Engineering and Consulting have been very responsive to any and all inquiries in a timely fashion. BIG RED DOG also provides great communication on all of our projects. Having a proactive, hardworking engineering firm has contributed to our success in getting deals over the finish line. It has been a pleasure working with the BIG RED DOG team.

DWG Urban Landscape Architecture

Daniel Woodroffe

The team at BIG RED DOG Engineering are the most innovative, collaborative and creative engineering professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They are able to execute at the highest level of the profession. I highly recommend BIG RED DOG for their engineering design and permitting services.


John Burnham

BIG RED DOG is hands down the best engineering firm I’ve ever worked with. They work tirelessly on our projects and actually stick to a budget. We haven’t gotten a single additional fee request after multiple projects.

Momark Development

Terry Mitchell

We are happy to give an unconditional recommendation that BRD is the BEST engineer for our work . . . You guys think ahead and save us time and money. BRD is a very valued member of our team.

Good Fulton & Farrell Architects

Jim West

David Johnson and the MEP team at BIG RED DOG have produced amazing results on several projects with our firm, Good Fulton and Farrell. Their knowledge and engineering is thorough, their construction documents are complete and well documented, and in many cases it has drawn praise from jurisdictional officials as well. I always look forward to working with them on our projects.”

Endeavor Real Estate Group

Jamil Alam

We get a high level of customer service, reasonable fees, fast responses, and no add service requests when we work with BIG RED DOG.

Sixthriver Architects

Christie Schultz

Andrew Miller and Joelle McCormack have been great to work with. Specifically, I appreciated Joelle’s straightforward questions in the design process, which made it easy to coordinate into construction documents. The redlined drawings that I sent back were only client related changes, not related to the quality of the drawings at all. They sent completed drawings on the agreed upon deadline date as well – which unfortunately isn’t the case for other competitors. I would recommend them on any interiors project.

Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

Michael Hsu

Our office has had the pleasure of working with the BIG RED DOG team on several recent projects and we have always appreciated their truly collaborative approach. It’s both unique and refreshing to have our engineering consultants working in concert with us to develop design solutions. They have also consistently been an advocate for our project owners, allowing development permitting issues to be resolved quickly and effectively.

Boka Powell

Eric Van Hyfte

BIG RED DOG has consistently provided responsive and forward-thinking service on a variety of projects, and has quickly risen to the top of the field of local engineers. Their can-do attitude and problem solving strategies are a breath of fresh air, and greatly enhance the front-end design process.

Ardent Residential

Brett Denton

We’ve worked with David Johnson and his team of MEP engineers on several projects the past six years. We have found that David and his team are able to prepare quality construction documents that are appreciated by both our Design Team and City Staff. Complete and thorough plans result in a smoother construction and inspection process which leads to a better operating final product. We are happy to recommend David and his team to other potential clients.

Kaplan Management Company

Geoff Simpson

What we appreciate most when working with the team at BIG RED DOG is the fact that we get personalized service and are not handed off from project manager to project manager. In effect, we’ve found that we have received ‘large firm’ experience with the service and attention to detail that you’d expect from a smaller shop. We always look forward to working on our next project with the BIG RED DOG team.

Alamo Area Mutual Housing Association

John Wright Development Consultant

BIG RED DOG is a rare engineering firm that brings something to the table.  They are a partner in your project and are creative in seeking solutions.  I always know I am getting the best solution to my project above the standard.  Most engineering firms offer one answer to the question however BIG RED DOG provides multiple solutions and will assist in choosing the one that provides the best answer.  They provide client solutions at the highest level and are truly a pleasure to work with.

J. Marzich Design

John Marzich

BRD was exceptional to work with throughout the duration of the project. From day one they were professional, and very knowledgeable about their areas of expertise.

My client, a Construction Manager for many years, and involved with many types of projects, was very impressed with their professionalism and knowledge. They offered multiple solutions to a problem, and assisted us in making decisions that benefited the project the most.

Austin Permit Service

Melissa Hawthorne

David Johnson’s team of MEP engineers at BIG RED DOG has set the standard for quality MEP consultants. Their experience and understanding of city codes, requirements, and processes makes my job of getting approvals for projects on which they work that much easier. That value continues on in construction and ultimately to the product.  I highly recommend David and his team.