How BIG RED DOG is disrupting the engineering office culture

February 7, 2017 by Amy Hageman

“You guys are like the start-up version of an engineering firm!” As we’ve been traveling all over Texas to recruit future engineers, this seems to be a popular exclamation among college students familiar with BIG RED DOG. They’ve checked out our website and reviewed our project experience. While excited about our list of ‘cool’ clients, they’re eager to ask about our relaxed dress code and BYODog Fridays. Fortunately, we’re equally excited to share details on how we’re disrupting the engineering office culture.

We’ve got offices in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston. In designing each office, our goals were straightforward – promote collaboration, make our team members happy and be different than other engineering firms. No stuffy suits and prehistoric cubicles around these parts.

Keep reading to see what steps we’ve taken to create a stodge-free workplace:

1. Open office setting

We encourage our team members to swap ideas, ask for help, swivel their chairs to face each other, move their desk up (then down) multiple times per day and even snap their desk neighbor out of a post-burrito daze with a nerf gun dart.

2. Fun zones and food zones

Rolling up to the office on a Monday low on caffeine. It’s the worst. That’s why our kitchen is stocked with three different types of freshly brewed coffee and an equivalent selection of Pop-Tarts. A balanced diet is a Pop-Tart in each hand, right? All sugar-coated pastry jokes aside, we have snacks/drinks (free Topo Chico!) available throughout the day and team members are welcome to help themselves.

And, they should fill up, because who knows when their project manager will challenge them to a round of ping-pong.

3. It’s our office and we’ll party if we want to

We know that our team members make our company special and we like to let them know. On your birthday or work anniversary, we’ll make sure to embarrass you with balloons and a spin of the BRD prize wheel.

Being an entrepreneurial organization means that we’re fast, adaptive, and we hold everybody accountable. It means that each team member is involved in the planning of both their daily work and the future of the company. It also means that everybody has the opportunity to continuously learn and grow and is incentivized to seek ways to grow the BIG RED DOG brand.

If you think you’d like to join our team, check out our careers page and apply today. We need you to help us keep engineering cool.

Written by Amy Hageman

Amy Hageman

Amy Hageman directs all marketing and media related functions for BIG RED DOG. She also maintains and develops client relationships to ensure the people we do business with are satisfied with our services. Amy holds a B.A. in Business Administration from St. Edwards University, and she is active in the Urban Land Institute, Real Estate Council of Austin, Coastal Conservation Association, and the Society for Marketing Professional Services. She enjoys spending her time training for destination endurance races, hunting, fishing and being with her family, friends and two dogs.