How do you ensure utility service to your site in San Antonio?

April 2, 2015 by Russell Yeager

For most developers, the due diligence process can be full of questions. When looking at a new site for project feasibility, entitled utility connections become a vital piece of the puzzle. Common utilities to be concerned with include water, waste water, electric, gas, and telecom services.

The capacity and proximity of utilities to a project site could make or break a project, and/or cost thousands of additional dollars to deliver the necessary services. In order to determine the locations and capacity of the needed utilities, BIG RED DOG contacts local utility providers to request and receive a “Will Serve Letter” or “Service Availability Letter” on behalf of our clients.

A Will Serve Letter is an agreement from an individual utility to serve your property. It is always our goal at BIG RED DOG to have these letters include existing utility maps, assumptions toward necessary utility improvements and upgrades, and an agreement to serve the property in question. These letters can be integral in budgeting and preparing project timelines for your upcoming project.

In San Antonio, we focus on major infrastructure groups who provide services to the site including the San Antonio Water System (water and sewer), City Public Service (electric and gas) and the City of San Antonio. In certain cases it is possible to receive will serve agreements from other services like AT&T, Time Warner, Grande Telecommunications or other. If a project you are working on has frontage on a TxDOT right-of-way, we can also request a letter from TxDOT receiving general approval of access points called a Preliminary Access Agreement.

The preparation of these letters can help to ensure that your development is possible, and will allow for you to move forward with confidence into the next phases of your project.

If you are working on a feasibility, or looking for utility assurances on your project, please feel free to reach out to BIG RED DOG to help you receive your utility commitments.

Written by Russell Yeager

Russell Yeager

As Market Director for our Commercial Services practice, Russell Yeager is responsible for managing our Raving Fans and prospective clients, overseeing the performance of our project design teams, steering our brand marketing strategy, and spearheading our community outreach and volunteer efforts. Russell is a proud University of Texas graduate – Hook ‘Em! He and his wife Jordan live in Northwest San Antonio.