Land Status Determination Application

May 8, 2017 by Siri Soth

A Land Status Determination is for an exception/exemption from platting requirements

The City of Austin’s Land Development Code (LDC) requires a subdivision plat approval before a site plan permit approval; however, if the platting process is not ideal for your specific situation there are other options. Exceptions from the platting process exist under certain circumstances. If the configuration of the subject parcel has remained unchanged for some time or it falls under certain requirements with respect to utility services and parcel size, a land status determination may be sufficient instead of subdividing the parcel (reference LDC 25-4-2 for complete list of platting exceptions).

In the case that a land status determination is sufficient for your development, all you have to do is submit the items on this list:

  • Completed application
  • Application fee
  • Current deed, recorded
  • Previous deed (recorded before the grandfather date)
  • Tax parcel map
  • Other applicable documents (including, but not limited to, street deeds, old recorded subdivision plats, or deeds for adjacent parcels)

You can submit the Land Status Determination to the Development Assistance Center located on the first floor of the One Texas Center at 505 Barton Springs Road. After you submit the application and pay the fees, expect an average of 14 days to hear back from review staff.

A land status determinations will save considerable time in the entitlement phase of your project if the option is available.  It is critical that this option is determined early in the process during due diligence with your land development team.

Follow the link below to get started:

For more information about whether your project qualifies for these exceptions, or how to submit a land status determination, contact BIG RED DOG today.

Written by Siri Soth

Siri Soth

Siri Soth is a graduate engineer for BIG RED DOG. She works in our Austin office.