LED Lighting and New Construction Lighting Design

August 27, 2015 by Marc Remmert

As the LED lighting market continues to develop, it has already affected the way we do new construction lighting design.

LED lighting is typically more efficient than other types of lighting and has become the “go to” solution to meet the energy code lighting wattage budget. But even as prices of LED lighting come down to more affordable levels, it is still more costly than more traditional types of lighting. For cost reasons, we typically don’t automatically do a 100% LED lighting design (although the energy code may drive that decision eventually).

lobbyLet’s look at dimming lighting as an example of the way things are changing. Incandescent lamps can be dimmed from 100% down to 0% and is the model for dimming. But incandescent lighting uses more wattage than any other type of lighting. In order to have sufficient light levels throughout a building, and also meet the energy budget, incandescent light fixtures have to be eliminated or restricted to just a few decorative light fixtures.

This leaves high intensity discharge (HID) dimming, fluorescent dimming, and LED dimming as options.  HID dimming has special problems with control and color shift and is rapidly fading as a popular dimming solution. Fluorescent dimming and LED dimming are still viable solutions when reduction of light levels is required.

LED and fluorescent dimming can perform comparably. We are finding that LED dimming fixtures cost 5-10% more than equivalent fluorescent. LED dimming fixture wattages are usually lower than fluorescent dimming, but not by much. Where LED and fluorescent dimming fixtures differ is in the maintenance. Fluorescent lamps must be ‘seasoned’ or “burned in’ before they are dimmed. If fluorescent lamps are not properly seasoned before dimming, the lamp may have a drastically shorter life. LED dimming sources do not have this issue. They also have longer rated lives – sometimes 10 times the life of similar fluorescents. (Caveat: rated life of LED sources is different from other types of light sources. It is a projection based on data obtained by IES guidelines. LED sources are not really tested to end of life. They could be obsolete before they fail.) LED sources have a different set of problems –they don’t like heat. The fixture designed for an LED light source has to get  the heat away from the LED or risk premature failure.

For situations where dimming light fixtures are required, LED is looking better and better as a solution.

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Written by Marc Remmert

Marc Remmert

Marc Remmert is the MEP Market Leader for BIG RED DOG. He is a member of IEEE and is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas. Marc graduated from Washington University in Saint Louis with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Originally from St. Louis Missouri, he made his way to Austin and brings several years of experience to our team. His electrical construction and design experience includes work on large scale data centers, multi-family, industrial, commercial, tenant finish and specialty recreational spaces. Marc enjoys exploring the Austin food scene, kayaking town lake, golfing and traveling.