New Possibilities: A BRD High School Intern’s Reflection

May 25, 2018 by Lauren Breach

This past week I spent hours usually occupied by schoolwork and junior year stress working as an intern at BIG RED DOG.

Through a leadership class at my school, The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, located here in Austin, Texas, I was given the opportunity to interview for a week-long position at an internship of my choice as an extension of my work in my high school engineering pathway. As a member of this pathway, I was given the chance to interview with and eventually work here at BIG RED DOG.

Making the choice to work at BIG RED DOG was not a hard one. Carrying titles such as “Doing it Differently since 2009,” BIG RED DOG has made a name for itself as not only an innovative, collaborative workplace but as a unique one. Taking on ambitious projects, building lasting relationships with clients, recruiting a diverse group of individuals and using unconventional, successful marketing strategies, BIG RED DOG has set itself apart. This, along with BIG RED DOG’s sense of community, made it an obvious choice when it came time to rank my interests.

When we received an email a week after our initial interviews with our internship assignments, I couldn’t have been more delighted to learn I had been placed at my top choice, BIG RED DOG. Having heard older students over the years speak positively of the “Ann Richards Internship Experience,” I hoped mine would be equally as transformative and enjoyable as those described by now-alumnae. After working at BIG RED DOG for a week, I can say that my experience was just that.

During my time at BIG RED DOG I was given the chance to experience a wide variety of day to day projects through my work with the marketing department. I was given the opportunity to visit and photograph past and present projects, design social media posts, sit in on a podcast recording session, learn the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro, and write project summaries for cut sheets. Through this work I learned more about landscape photography, how to cater my design style to fit that of a specific firm and new ways to more effectively and efficiently implement marketing strategies in my own life.

Getting to visit construction sites and learn more about the work BIG RED DOG is doing was truly transformative for me. Working at BIG RED DOG provided me with a glimpse into what my future might hold and opened up my mind to new possibilities. Although I have pursued engineering for three, going on four years in school, I had long since disconnected myself from being someone interested in engineering. My time at BIG RED DOG allowed me to explore marketing, a future career route I was hesitant to follow, and allowed me to reconsider pursuing engineering in college.

Having only utilized my engineering knowledge and design skills in a classroom setting, stepping out of my own and working at a real firm was life changing for me. That said, I leave with a better view of my future and a newfound interest in both marketing and engineering. I couldn’t be happier with my internship experience and loved my time spent working here at BIG RED DOG. I am beyond grateful for this amazing opportunity and for the kindness and community shown to me by everyone here at BIG RED DOG’s Austin office.

Written by Lauren Breach

Lauren Breach

Lauren Breach is an intern from the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. The Ann Richards School Internship Program is a short-term work/learning experience to help students prepare for their chosen career fields.