10/27/16 Austin Business Journal: Austin’s fastest-growing companies; 2016 Fast 50 rankings

October 27, 2016 by Will Schnier P.E.

What if your company’s revenue doubled or tripled every year? That’s par for these companies’ courses

By Colin Pope

October 27, 2016

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They have jobs — and a hard time filling so many of them. They have capital to spend but may need more investors soon. And they have tremendous needs for things such as new equipment and bigger office space.

Presenting the 2016 Austin Fast 50 — dozens of companies big and small that are growing faster than Austin itself. We count down the 2016 Fast 50 companies in the slideshow accompanying this article in two categories: companies with revenue over $10 million, and companies with revenue under $10 million.

This annual contest, which ranks companies based solely on revenue growth during the past three years, yields one of the best sources of business intelligence around, especially for job seekers, service providers and investors. One of these companies may become your next employer, strategic partner or fearless competitor.




BIG RED DOG is an Texas-based civil, traffic, structural, and MEP engineering firm specializing in engineering, permitting, and land use consulting for real estate and natural resource development. Executives – who now manage over 80 people – took revenue from $5M in 2013 to almost $14M in 2015. That amounts to a raw growth rate of 169% and a compounded rate of 64%.

To learn more about our firm and to learn about career opportunities, visit us at www.BIGREDDOG.com/Careers