11/30/15 Austin Business Journal: BIG RED DOG to leverage retail, single-family growth for San Antonio expansion

November 30, 2015 by Will Schnier P.E.

By Katie Burke

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Big Red Dog’s San Antonio office is ready to wrap up its busiest year yet, but plans for 2016 have the engineering firm piggybacking off the city’s growth spurt for even more growth of its own.

The Austin-based firm, which has its name on projects such as the Peanut Loft Factories, the Rivera at 1130 Broadway, Sunglo Townhomes, 120 Ninth Street and the new Vantage Community at Brooks City Base, is taking steps to maintain its multifamily focused portfolio of projects but is looking to grow into new markets, particularly retail and single family.

Russell Yeager and Chris Weigand - BIG RED DOG, San Antonio
Russell Yeager and Chris Weigand – BIG RED DOG, San Antonio

Big Red Dog’s local Vice President, Russell Yeager, said that while multifamily will still hold a large piece of San Antonio’s development market, single-family activity will begin to tick upward, especially since most developers haven’t been able to keep up with the growing demand. However, retail has the potential to be the sweet spot for Big Red Dog, and is something the firm is ready to capitalize on as it moves into 2016.

“Retail is really starting to push into both new and redeveloping neighborhoods, so we see that as a big part of the picture next year,” Yeager said of the firm’s growth plans, adding that he is still expecting about 25 percent to 30 percent growth in the private-land development sector.

In addition to entering new areas here, Big Red Dog is also planning on pulling some of the growth in mechanical, electrical and plumbing services from its Austin office down to San Antonio.

Outside of Big Red Dog’s office, however, the biggest issues in the regional development community are expected to surround affordability — especially considering increasing construction prices and residential demand — as well as annexation and urban revitalization, Yeager said.

Revenue aside, the firm is expected to continue to pursue clients and projects that push the envelope for San Antonio development, and Yeager said the firm will continue to build up its staff in both the San Antonio and statewide offices.

“We think if we can do those things, the revenue side will take care of itself,” he said of Big Red Dog’s plans, which will also include building up footprints in other markets and more disciplines.

And they’re already getting started.

Katie Burke covers residential and commercial real estate, retail and law firms for the paper