9/2/15 The Civil Engineering Podcast: Advice on Business Development and Building a Business and Career from a Civil Engineering CEO

September 2, 2015 by Will Schnier P.E.

By Anthony Fasano

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TCEP-Ep13-final Will Schiner

In episode 013 of The Civil Engineering Podcast, I interview Will Schnier, a licensed PE and the Chief Executive Officer of BIG RED DOG Engineering | Consulting who will share his expertise on business development and also talk about one of Big Red Dog’s projects in lieu of our Civil Engineering Project of the Week segment.


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Here are some key points in this episode:

  • In business development, you should learn:
    • How to actually win work
    • How to get yourself in front of clients
    • How to position yourself and your firm as the most able provider
  • Client exposure early on is important – this allows you to see how the client thinks and helps you to anticipate their needs
  • You must have that yearning to learn
  • Constantly surround yourself with people smarter than you
  • To compete with other engineers, you must have the skill sets of business development and project management
  • Learn to write in order to communicate
  • Constantly set goals for yourself and your engineering company

How to develop your business development skills as an engineer:

  • Change your mindset with an objective to help other people win enough work
  • Build relationships and not just collect business cards
  • Give something of engineering value to a prospect to prove yourself (add value to the deal)
  • Do the business development yourself pro-actively, show results and ultimately you’ll take that role
  • Do good work for your current clients
  • Make your clients look good, make them like you, and build relationships with them so they can refer you to other potential clients


  • “The worst thing on your agenda for the day, do it first…” – Will Schnier on Ep 013 of #TCEPodcast
  • How the CEO of Big Red Dog Engineering became successful at a very young age – More on #TCEPodcast Ep 013.
  • Don’t think you know it all, always be open to new things – Stay tuned for #TCEPodcast Ep 013.

Project Name:  Waller Creek

Project Description:

Big Red Dog is part of the team led by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates (MVVA) and Thomas Phifer & Partners, and Studio DWG with Daniel Woodroffe. The goal of this project is to transform a dilapidated and lifeless creek into a vibrant urban waterway complemented by dynamic parks, bridges, open and interactive spaces that engage the public and will make it a world-class destination.

Books Mentioned in This Episode:

Never Eat Alone

Art’s Principles

Let My People Go Surfing

The Go-Giver