UNLEASHED with BIG RED DOG Engineering

A podcast about the people, the projects, and the culture of BIG RED DOG Engineering.

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Each episode, we sit down with our team members to see what they do on a daily basis to chase their passions and help our clients become successful.

Latest Episode:

Every professional services firm needs a backbone of organization and effective systems — especially engineers! Thousands of design professional firms across the world operate and succeed because of the unsung heroes of accounting, human resources, marketing, and more. In this episode we speak to one our own heroes of accounting: Ashley Weldon!

Ashley is BIG RED DOG’s Accounts Payable Administrator. She pays our bills — literally! She speaks to us about what it feels like working in a culture that values and elevates the folks that keep our business running each day. Ashley reveals some of her creative communication techniques to stay in touch with the production teams and leadership (which may or may not involve memes). She also describes her passion for the outdoors and music, and gives us insight into how she believes BRD is making engineering cool.

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