Big Red Dog Project CVS Pharmacy Stores

Year Completed:
2011 – Present
CVS Pharmacy Stores, CVS Realty
Project Due Diligence, Civil Engineering Design, Regulatory Permitting, Zoning Cases, Construction Administration

Project Description

In 2011, BIG RED DOG was approved to be one of CVS Realty’s preferred Civil Engineering firms. BIG RED DOG is and continues to be responsible for assisting CVS Realty and their preferred developers in site analysis and due diligence, civil engineering design, regulatory permitting, and construction administration.

Select CVS Project Experience:
1. Austin, Texas
2. Bastrop, Texas
3. Del Rio, Texas
4. Edinburg, Texas
5. Elgin, Texas
6. Pflugerville, Texas
7. Rio Grande City, Texas
8. Round Rock, Texas
9. San Antonio, Texas
10. San Marcos, Texas