Big Red Dog Project IDEA Charter Schools Campus

Year Completed:
2012 – Present
Project Due Diligence, Civil Engineering Design, Regulatory Permitting, Zoning Cases, Utility design, drainage design, Construction Administration

Project Description

Beginning in 2012, Big Red Dog has worked with PMSI and IDEA Schools to prepare civil engineering services to their campus construction in San Antonio, Austin, and surrounding areas. BIG RED DOG has been responsible for assisting IDEA Schools with site analysis and due diligence, civil engineering design, regulatory permitting, and construction administration.

In 1995, Texas established public charter schools to allow students access to more innovative learning opportunities. Charter schools, like traditional public schools, are tuition free, however they offer greater curriculum flexibility than traditional public schools. San Antonio has multiple charter school networks across the city that serve nearly 14,000 students. IDEA Public Schools is among these.