Proposed Traffic Code Changes in the City of Austin

May 3, 2016 by Ricardo De Camps

We all agree that Traffic has become one of the biggest civic issues in our great City. The City of Austin Transportation Department is currently working on a Code Amendment to Title 25 of the land development code.  Proposed changes to the code will affect the way the City of Austin deals with ROW vacation and traffic mitigation due to the impacts of new development and redevelopment in our City.   The proposed changes will impact more projects that previously fell below the 2,000 Trip per day threshold.

Per the City of Austin:

The most significant change is to clarify and refine the City’s authority to require transportation improvements for projects that do not trigger a Traffic Impact Analysis or a Neighborhood Traffic Analysis.

These amendments would:

  1. Authorize the City to obtain certain offsite improvements for smaller scale developments;
  1. Formalize the City’s process for making “proportionality determinations” whenever an applicant is required to construct, fund, or dedicate offsite transportation improvements;
  1. Clarify the process for reserving right-of-way;
  1. Better define the type of improvements that may be required, includingthe “border street” policy; and
  1. Authorize the Transportation Department to adopt administrative guidelines regarding the method for determining a development’s overall impacts on the transportation system.

If you are interested in learning more or are interested in giving the City some input on the proposed changes I highly encourage you to go to attend the Stakeholder meeting held by ATD.

Traffic Mitigation Code Amendment

Stakeholder Meeting

Monday, May 9th at 5:30 pm

First Floor, Austin Energy Building

721 Barton Springs Rd.

Austin, TX 78704

Draft Transportation Mitigation Code Amendments (click link to download PDF)

If you have any questions how these changes may have impact on your existing or proposed Land Development please don’t hesitate to contact myself or James Schwerdfeger, P.E. , Vice President of Traffic Engineering in our Austin office.

Written by Ricardo De Camps

Ricardo De Camps

Mr. De Camps is a shareholder and Vice President for BIG RED DOG Engineering | Consulting. He has over 10 years of land development experience including multi-family, retail, and office building projects. Mr. De Camps is passionate about the quality of Austin’s growth and is an advocate for smart and innovative development. He is a graduate of Florida State University and holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering. He is a registered professional engineer in the State of Texas.