Residential Drone Delivery

September 5, 2017 by Shawn Barry

Are you designing for the future?

We are in a new age of technology, commerce, and engineering.  At this point it would be foolish to believe that automation will not continue to grow at exponential rates.  Are we planning on our new future or will we be woefully unprepared?

It is very likely that you have encountered new drone technologies in some way, by this point.  Do you remember when you first saw a little drone in person?  If you were like me, you were astonished how so much technology could be jammed into such a small space.  Then your next thought was, “We did not have such cool toys when we were kids!”.  Between now and 2020 the drone industry will be a $100 Billion (with a “B”) dollar industry.₁  So don’t count on them going away anytime soon.

Though most drones you are have likely encountered or seen are consumer grade, and used for recreational use.  Don’t let that fool you, there is a very robust commercial drone industry, and it is growing at a very fast rate.  Well known companies has petitioned the FAA  to test using drones in their day to day operations.  Companies like, UPS, Walmart, Dominoes, and of course Amazon.₂

One question the developers are asking their architects now is, “Where is the drone landing area in my project’s design?”  And if you are a developer and you are not asking this question… why not? Remember when the cell phone market boomed and you had a car that was not Bluetooth enabled and how frustrating that was?  Land developers and architects today should be planning for an inevitable transition to the ubiquity of drones.

Much like Tesla building out its Supercharger infrastructure₃, and home builders, building in smart technologies into their homes.₄  We should be planning  amenities into our developments to accommodate for drone delivery and takeoff.  In the off chance that drones don’t “take-off” as a delivery option, the area can easily be repurposed without causing any disruption or eyesores for the tenants or homeowners.

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Written by Shawn Barry

Shawn Barry

Shawn Barry is a Designer in our Dallas office. Shawn has over 10 years of drafting and design experience at leading firms in the Energy, Mechanical and Civil Engineering industries. His expertise is in developing drafting and work flow standards and increasing profitability by reducing design times. He attended Rio Hondo College in Whittier, California, where he earned an Associate of Science in Engineering Design and Drafting.