SynchroGreen Adaptive Traffic Control System

April 26, 2017 by Dan Hennessey

Our Dafne Valle attended the 2017 Texas ITE Spring Meeting in Frisco, Texas last week.  This is one of her updates from the meeting.

During the technical program of the Texas Spring Meeting of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, representatives from Trafficware Group, Inc. presented the latest real-time adaptive traffic control system technology, SynchroGreen.  SynchroGreen was created by Trafficware and Naztec, two leading companies in the traffic software industry.

Source: Trafficware, 2017

SynchroGreen utilizes real-time adaptive control system to optimize signal timing for road users (including pedestrians) based on demand.  SynchroGreen has the capability of optimizing signal cycle, offsets and splits of traffic signals based on current traffic conditions. It updates signal timings cycle by cycle based on a critical intersection in the network.

Advantages of the system are the reduction of vehicles stopping at intersections, thereby reducing travel time and intersection delay. The system also takes into consideration pedestrians, which are the most vulnerable road users.

This system was first implemented in Florida, but has also been implemented in Texas in cities such as: Galveston, Houston, Frisco and Plano.  A case study was performed on an arterial called Seawall Boulevard in the City of Galveston.  SynchroGreen was implemented along five intersections of Seawall Boulevard.  Since the system implementation, there has been a reduction of 88% evening traffic delays in the eastbound direction and 44% in the westbound.   The overall travel time had reduced by 18% in the evening peak hour.  This software and equipment is another tool in the toolbox for jurisdictions trying to solve peak hour travel time concerns.

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Written by Dan Hennessey

Dan Hennessey

Dan Hennessey, P.E., PTOE is Director of Transportation Engineering at BIG RED DOG. Dan holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering (Transportation) from the University of California, Berkeley and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from The Ohio State University. Dan is responsible for managing our Raving Fans and prospective clients, overseeing the performance of our traffic and transportation engineering design staff, steering our marketing strategy, and spearheading our community outreach and volunteer efforts. Dan’s professional experience and expertise focuses on Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) studies, highway, freeway and arterial operations analysis, signal coordination and synchronization, traffic signal design, travel demand forecasting, and pedestrian and bicycle facility design.