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Amir Namakforoosh, P.E. – Civil Market Leader

Amir Namakforoosh is our Residential Services Market Leader in San Antonio. Amir graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and he is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas. He brings several years of both multifamily and commercial experience to our team.

Amir is an active member of the Real Estate Council of San Antonio (RECSA) and is diligently working to be a part of the leadership development program and its graduating class of 2017. Amir also enjoys all of the outdoor activities that San Antonio has to offer. He is an avid bike rider and when he cannot be found at the local skate park he is most often on the San Antonio River Walk hike & bike trails which boasts over 15 linear miles of continuous trail along the river through the center of the city.