Mario Echagarrua, P.E. – Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Focus: Corporate

The smoother it runs, the more efficient WGI can be. That’s where Mario Echagarrua comes in. As executive vice president, chief operating officer, his primary responsibility is to assess every project and make certain that it’s properly staffed and that there are no surprises.

It’s a tall order because WGI is adding divisions, expanding others, and pursuing even larger projects. Echagarrua doesn’t have a road map to follow because COO is a brand-new position at WGI, and more essential than ever as the company continues its rapid growth.

“I really like the fact that you can make a decision without bureaucratic red tape or second-guessing,” says Echagarrua, who earned his engineering degree at the University of Miami. “Everyone works hard but really enjoys it. That kind of atmosphere is appealing.”

Echagarrua will have his hands full as WGI expands throughout Florida and increases business in areas such as landscape architecture, traffic engineering, and bridge design. No matter what the challenge or deadline, Echagarrua is confident that he can keep the operation running smoothly.

After all, he’s had the best training possible—“I have five kids.”