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Walker Santiago – Senior Project Designer

Walker Santiago is a Senior Project Designer at BIG RED DOG Engineering | Consulting and is a shareholder in the company.

Walker has worked in the Civil Engineering community for over two decades. Prior to joining BIG RED DOG in 2013, Walker successfully built a solid foundation in Civil design techniques after working for LCRA and then a well established land development engineering firm in Austin for 17 years. With his wide range of experience from designing immaculate plans for Land development, Public Infrastructure, GIS mapping and 3D Site visualization Walker has gained a reputation for innovation in his field. Artfully able to use multiple programs such as Civil3D, Arcmap, Sketchup and more, Walker’s objective with every project at BIG RED DOG is to provide clients and public agencies with positive visual and interactive experiences while successfully finalizing project objectives. Walker remains on the forefront of Civil design techniques in order to provide custom, creative solutions for projects. Mastering Civil 3D, Walker uses the BIM (Building Information Model) approach with progressive techniques to ensure that CADD data survives the tests of time and real world construction accordingly.

Walker graduated from ITT Technical Institute of Austin with a Associate of Science degree in CADD. He leverages his formal education with his hands-on experience crafting custom Civil3D programming to ensure he provides clients with strategic, quality construction plans. Walker enjoys sharing knowledge with the community and friends by being active online with several CADD and 3D visualization groups. When he isn’t fine-tuning his techniques or getting up to speed on the industry’s latest, he enjoys time with his friends and family in the Austin/San Antonio Area.