The Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB) Program – Multifamily

May 3, 2017 by Bailey Harrington

Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB) established the nation’s first multifamily green building rating program in 1999. If you design or build condominiums, apartments, or mixed-use developments, AEGB can help you design and build high-quality, healthy, and energy, water, and resource efficient homes and buildings.

Multifamily buildings with an AEGB rating tend to realize higher sale/lease rates, increased tenant retention, lower greenhouse emissions, reduced air pollutants, lower utility bills and possibly lower insurance rates.

BIG RED DOG has worked on a couple of AEGB projects, including the affordable housing development Capital Studios, which earned an AEGB 4-star rating and LEED Platinum Certification.

Projects are rated on a point system with certain levels achieving AEGB Star Ratings.

The rating includes basic requirements and eight additional categories of sustainable design and construction. Compliance with all basic requirements will earn the building a 1-star rating. Below is the rating system used by AEGB to award points – and then stars – to multifamily projects.If you’re developing a commercial, multifamily or single family project, the AEGB website has lots of helpful information. And, if you need an engineer for your AEGB project, we’re ready to help.

Written by Bailey Harrington

Bailey Harrington

Bailey Harrington is our Hospitality Services Market Director and is a BIG RED DOG shareholder. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy, and is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Texas with more than five years of engineering leadership experience as a project manager leading engineering projects in the United States and Afghanistan.