The Value of Ownership and Lien Certificates

July 3, 2017 by Siri Soth

Ownership and Lien Certificates (O&L) are obtained from a title company. Upon request, title companies will do a search through property records to put together an Ownership and Lien Certificate. This document will provide the property’s legal description, the correct ownership information that the title is vested in and a list of any liens on the property, if applicable. The property’s legal description is used to define the piece of land based on its size and location; county recordation information is also provided. Many development applications require a legal description of the property as well as the correct ownership information. Additionally, legal documents such as easements, Unified Development Agreements (UDA), and others, require all information provided with an O&L to be legally approved and recorded.

BIG RED DOG’s site and land development teams suggest requesting Ownership and Lien searches in the early stages of a project. Knowing the correct legal description and ownership and lienholder information for a property can help get through the initial submittal processes smoothly and give you a better understanding of what processes the property may have to go through in the later stages.

Written by Siri Soth

Siri Soth

Siri Soth is a graduate engineer for BIG RED DOG. She works in our Austin office.