Using 3D Visualization to Communicate Your Building and Infrastructure Ideas

February 12, 2019 by Walker Santiago

Visualization is an essential part of how we communicate ideas.

As a civil engineering design professional and expert 3D modeler, I have a real passion for 3D visualization technologies. The technologies have come a long way over the past 2 decades that I have been in the industry.

At BIG RED DOG, a division of WGI, we love to use the newest technologies to help our clients achieve their goals. One of the favorite parts of my job is using these technologies to help our clients convey their vision to investors, governing agencies, and the public.

We use several 3D programs including Civil3D, Infraworks, Sketchup, and Lumion to create site renderings that are more engaging than a traditional 2D drawing or sketch. We can even go a step further and create interactive 360º panoramic renderings of our projects.

Some Examples

Check out this interactive 360º panoramic rendering that we have created for an example project:

You can explore the 3D model from several viewpoints by toggling the small eye symbol (on the bottom right of the window above). Once toggled, you can select different viewpoints and explore the scene.

Below are some examples of the building and site renderings that we can create for you (click to enlarge):

This live action office building rendering gives the spectators an eye level perspective of the building and street interaction with the movement of people and fast cars.
Here is another street view showing pedestrians maneuvering along the sidewalk adjacent to the office building.
This view behind the building allows the audience to visualize the the courtyard perspective of our office building.
This live action rendering gives the spectators an eye level perspective of the building and street interaction with the movement of people and fast cars at night. We can also add effects like wet pavement, moving leaves, and time lapse lighting for the passing cars.

Interactivity, Immersive Experiences, and the Future

Creating 3D renderings for our clients is very satisfying work. The immersive experiences provided by these 360º renderings can help tell your story and bring your next project to the next level.

The best part is that we are just scratching the surface of 3D visualization’s potential. Soon we will be combining our 3D modeling and visualization tools with other technologies like drone imagery, motion capture, virtual and augmented reality to tell your project’s story.

This is the future of communication in the AEC industry – and we’re ready to keep pushing the limits!

Interested in 3D visualization technology for your next building or infrastructure project? Contact Us Today and let’s discuss your vision!

Written by Walker Santiago

Walker Santiago

Walker Santiago is a Senior Project Designer at BIG RED DOG Engineering | Consulting and is a shareholder in the company. Walker graduated from ITT Technical Institute of Austin with a Associate of Science degree in CADD. He leverages his formal education with his hands-on experience crafting custom Civil3D programming to ensure he provides clients with strategic, quality construction plans. Walker enjoys sharing knowledge with the community and friends by being active online with several CADD and 3D visualization groups. When he isn’t fine-tuning his techniques or getting up to speed on the industry’s latest, he enjoys time with his friends and family in the Austin/San Antonio Area.