What is a Service Extension Request (SER) for Water or Wastewater in the City of Austin?

September 25, 2018 by Mike Reyes

Water Line ConstructionIn the City of Austin, a Service Extension Request (SER) is a request by a landowner to extend City water and/or wastewater service to a tract of land. So, when are they required to be submitted?

Per the Land Development Code §25-9-33, a service extension request application is required when you’re proposing to:

  1. connect a property to a City utility system if an accessible water or wastewater main is more than 100 feet from the property’s boundary;
  2. connect a property to a water transmission or wastewater interceptor within 100 feet of the property’s boundary, unless an exception is approved by the Director;
  3. provide utility service to a property if an existing main or facility is unsuitable or insufficient to provide service to the property;
  4. provide service from a decentralized wastewater system to a property where the Director recommends the City operate and maintain that decentralized wastewater system.

I think I need to submit an SER. Now what?

Once it’s determined that an SER application is required for your project, the completed SER application form and associated documents and fees will need to be produced to submit to Austin Water to being the review process. Note that if your proposed project spans multiple lots/parcels that have different land owners, you’ll need to submit a completed application form (signed and notarized) for each land owner.

What’s the review process like?

An SER will go through two review processes once submitted: an Administrative Review and Technical Review.

The Administrative Review process verifies the completeness of all submitted application documents or if additional information is required to begin the Technical Review.

During the Technical Review, an Austin Water engineer determines the existing infrastructure service capacity, service requirement effects on existing capacity, possible cost participation, and type/size of improvements needed to provide service to the proposed project.

What will the results tell me?

The results of an SER application may require the construction of a new water and/or wastewater main, or upgrades to existing mains to provide adequate service to the proposed project. The applicant (developer) would be required to pay for the associated construction documents and infrastructure upgrades as outlined in the SER results.

Need help with an SER? We’re here to help.

We are experts in navigating the SER process, which is one of the many steps required in the site development process in the city of Austin. Our engineers and planners can get your project started the right way – which will give you an advantage over the competition. Call us at 512-669-5560 or Contact us today to get started.

Written by Mike Reyes

Mike Reyes

Mike Reyes, P.E. is an Assistant Project Manager in the Austin office of BIG RED DOG Engineering | Consulting. Originally from San Antonio, Mike made his way to Austin to attend the University of Texas, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering. He is a licensed engineer in the State of Texas. Mike enhances the BRD team with a broad range of experience of work in the public works sector on behalf of clients like the Austin Independent School District and the City of Georgetown. His project experience includes more than seven years of site development and utility design, and construction coordination of civil engineering projects throughout the Greater Austin Area. In his free time Mike is an active member of the Texas-Ex’s and enjoys watching Longhorn sports.