What is the FILO (Fee in Lieu of On-Site Detention) Process in San Antonio?

April 24, 2014 by Russell Yeager

The FILO, or fee in lieu of, process in San Antonio is relatively simple with the right tools and personnel helping you navigate the waters.  Essentially FILO means a property can qualify to pay a fee to the regional storm water fund in lieu of creating an on-site detention.  This saves the property owner money, it creates funds for the government to use in improving downstream conditions, and it avoids the unused space a water detention pond or reservoir can create.  It’s especially helpful in urban settings where land (and funds for that matter) must be used as efficiently as possible.

To begin the FILO process in San Antonio, we suggest you click here.  According to the Planning and Engineering Division of the City of San Antonio, “a development may qualify for participation in the FILO program by submitting an Adverse Impact Analysis or Storm Water Management Plan prepared by a licensed professional engineer.”  After the City reviews the plan and agrees that the property will not affect conditions downstream up to 2,000 feet, the fee can be paid.

The FILO pricing for the City of San Antonio was recently raised last year after remaining the same since 1997.  The rates now range from $0.15/square foot for a Single Family or Duplex property to $0.20/square foot for a commercial property.  The fees are set to increase again on December 1, 2015 at an average of $0.05/square foot more.  It is possible to vest your property from increases in fees prior to December of next year with the right assistance.

It should also be noted that properties within the inner city reinvestment infill policy (ICRIP) only pay 50% of the proposed fee, and infill development zone (IDZ) or properties increasing by less than 100 square feet will pay no fee.

For frequently asked questions about the FILO program, click here.  And if you need help submitting a FILO application or property analysis, BIG RED DOG would be happy to help.

Written by Russell Yeager

Russell Yeager

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