Working with a Land Development Intern at BIG RED DOG

February 28, 2017 by Marisa Keiser

BIG RED DOG is proud to offer internships to engineers of all skill levels. Both the intern as well as his or her supervisor, typically a graduate engineer, are active participants and beneficiaries throughout the experience. While the intern develops skills in preparing site investigation reports, navigating the permitting, and working with AutoCAD and design, the graduate engineer reinforces clear and concise communication, competence of design, supervisory responsibilities, and, most importantly mentorship and development.

Throughout the internship process, interns are encouraged to build relationships at the city, county and other jurisdictions, and practice utility and site design.

Interns also have a chance to get their hand and boots dirty by going on site visits in order to investigate water meter numbers, pop open manholes or look into a drainage inlet to verify storm pipe size and direction, sizing trees and determine species, and evaluate creeks, culvert and land features. Then it’s back to the office to incorporate findings into design, analysis and calculations. These site visits also offer valuable perspective, as not everything designed is necessarily feasible or economical.

Young and experienced engineers know the importance of good mentorship and development and this is why BIG RED DOG loves having interns. BIG RED DOG takes pride in these relationships and interactions because they build the strong foundation of a quality team. If you’re interested in interning at BIG RED DOG, check out the Careers page to submit your resume.

Written by Marisa Keiser

Marisa Keiser

Marisa Keiser is a graduate engineer in the Houston office of BIG RED DOG. Marisa graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2011 and join the BIG RED DOG team full time in June 2014. She is a rare, native born Austinite. Her professional experience has been focused on single family residential sites, including water quality and detention pond design, site investigation reports and due diligence investigations. Outside of work, she enjoys tutoring high school math, reading and traveling.