Fire Flow Tests and Why They are Important to Your Project

March 24, 2016 by Amir Namakforoosh

Fire flow tests are critical to site development, and the earlier they can be requested or received, the better for your project.

How do you request a fire flow for your site?

To obtain a fire flow test, the fire department that holds jurisdiction for the subject site must be contacted. A common way to send in a request is an online application that many fire departments have available on their website. They typically require information from the subject site regarding hydrant number and location to ensure they test the correct line. Once the request is submitted with the fee, which varies between jurisdictions, the fire department sends a crew out to test the pressure, velocity and flow rate within the water line.

fire flow

Why is a fire flow test required?

A fire flow request is needed to obtain the water pressure within public water lines to ensure they have adequate pressure and flow rate to service a building in normal operating conditions and in the event of an emergency situation. The required fire flow is set forth by the International Fire Code or IFC. Once the building type and largest isolated fire separation area is known, the required fire flow can be determined.

What information does a fire flow test provide?

A fire flow test will yield important information regarding the existing, public water line from which the subject site is proposing a service connection. The test provides the flow rate, the static, the residual and the velocity pressures for the subject site (see below for an example). Once received, the subject site’s actual flow rate can be compared to the required flow rate to determine if a pressure increase will be required, usually in the form of a booster pump. Fire flow tests are critical to site development, and the earlier they can be requested/received, the better.

fire flow test

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Written by Amir Namakforoosh

Amir Namakforoosh

Amir Namakforoosh is a Civil Market Leader based in San Antonio. Amir graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and he is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas. He brings several years of both multifamily and commercial experience to our team. Amir is an active member of the Real Estate Council of San Antonio (RECSA) and enjoys all of the outdoor activities that San Antonio has to offer. He is an avid bike rider and when he cannot be found at the local skate park he is most often on the hike & bike trails across the city.