Land Subdivision: A Practical Guide for Central Texas

 Land Subdivision A Practical Guide for Central TexasOn a very basic level, the land development process in Texas can be divided into three general stages:

The first stage in the process being land use and utility entitlements, including zoning if required. The second step in the process in the legal subdivision of land. And the final step is obtaining construction permits – subdivision construction, site development,  and building permits.

The term Subdivision refers to the division of a tract of land into one or more parcels, typically for the purpose of selling or otherwise transferring the property to another individual or entity. The completion of the land subdivision process results in the creation of a Subdivision Plat. The subdivision plat is a legal document which is recorded at the office of the County Clerk in the county where the property is located.

Read the white paper to learn everything you need to know about the Land Subdivision Process in Central Texas.


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