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Land Surveying &
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Successful engineering and construction projects begin with accurate geospatial information. 

In January 2019, BIG RED DOG merged with WGI, dramatically increasing our footprint and scale of operations in Texas. This combination gives us access to the latest geospatial tools and technologies and allows us to offer even more value to our clients.

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The next generation of surveying

WGI has invested in the latest tools and technologies to make your project a success. These tools allow us to minimize human error, provide more accurate deliverables, and to ensure a safer work environment for our staff.


Our crews can provide accurate boundary surveys, topographic surveys, right-of-way mapping, platting, construction support, and more. Our access to specialized equipment also allows us to provide aerial and hydrographic surveys for our clients.

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) allows WGI to collect millions of real-time 3D data points to complete an accurate, high-quality model of the physical environment. Depending on the situation, we may use aerial, mobile, or terrestrial LiDAR to determine the precise geospatial location of objects and their features, in order to create point clouds and then surveys for various uses.

Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), we can rapidly map large areas with precision. Deliverables include planimetric maps, topographic maps, ortho photography, elevation models, image-based point clouds, and 3D models of structures. We can even offer multispectral imagery and LiDAR services using additional sensors.

A project’s success requires a comprehensive understanding of how existing utilities may affect its schedule and budget. We own and operate air/vacuum excavation and ground-penetrating radar systems to  keep your project moving forward.

  • Utility mapping services
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) surveys
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services
  • Building Information Mangement (BIM) services
  • Expert witness services

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