What does the Edwards Aquifer Contributing Zone mean for my development?

June 12, 2014 by Russell Yeager

Last week we talked about the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone, which makes up one of the three different types of zones within the Aquifer as a whole.  Today we’ll be discussing the second zone, which consists of the areas in South Texas where the rainwater flows through the ground and is contributing, or adding to, to the Edwards Aquifer supply. According to the Edwards Aquifer website, “The contributing zone occurs on the Edwards Plateau, also called the Texas Hill Country.  It is about 5,400 square miles, and elevations range between 1,000 and 2,300 feet above sea level. “

To view a map of your area and discover if you are, indeed, located within the contributing zone, click here.  Similar to the recharge zones, being a part of the contributing zone will involve it’s own forms and policies to be adhered to.  You can access the manual from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality here.

Within the contributing zone, similar to the WPAP discussed in our previous post, development over 5 acres in these areas needs a Contributing Zone Plan (CZP). This document will be filed as a part of your Civil Construction documents and will be designed to mitigate any possible contaminants to the aquifer during and after your development.  This plan generally includes the same information as the water pollution abatement plan, but with some minor exceptions.  This “best management practice” will require 6 – 8 months of design, review and approval for your project.  These ponds can be constructed above ground or in underground basins.

Unlike the Recharge Zone, the contributing zone allows increased development flexibility by excluding category status letters or sewer collection system plans.  However, it may still require additional time and effort on the part of your design team to prepare the necessary documentation for TCEQ.  ​Calling BIG RED DOG to handle these facets of your project for you can save you time and money.  Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your project anytime.

Written by Russell Yeager

Russell Yeager

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